Light Over Bethlehem

A light shines over Bethlehem

A signal for the Gentile kings

To beckon them unto the cave

Where peace the newborn monarch brings

To change the lot of men on earth

And by his birth to ransom them

From chains of death and weight of sin

And unto heaven beckon them

The angels bow on bended knee

Before their God begotten there

And crowd around the wooden stall

Where lies the Lamb forgotten there

By scholars of the Word of God

Unstirred by God and ignorant

Of day and time that shepherds saw

Proclaimed by men itinerant

As shepherds guide their woolly flocks

So ancient prophets cleared the way

Anticipating Jesse’s son

To bring the blessed light of day

And with it put their foes to flight

(And angel’s light to shine on them)

To make a new and glorious Way

Where God Himself will dwell in them

A light shines over Bethlehem

And calls to us across the time

And space that keeps the then from now

Instructing how to call to mind

The birth of Him the Virgin bore

And held Him for the world to see

That humble, all heads bow and bare

At Our Lord’s Nativity

Copyright © 2021 Aidan Jones

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