Carrying Stars

I look out of my window and all that I see

Are the servants of darkness hunting for me

What choice do I have? My mind I will hone

To a sharp edge. And I will stand

Even if

I stand alone

I’ll stand alone

I’ll carry the star You’ve given me

Shining forth light

I’ll carry the life You’ve given me

Into the night

Carrying stars

Darkness overwhelms me. I’m crushed beneath

All of the brokenness inside of me

I know You are with me still, giving strength to my bones

And love to my heart but even still

Even still

I feel alone

I’m so alone

When the Dragon fire burns on Ethandune

I’ll sing out Your praise, Your battle tune

I will put my faith in You Who make the proud men fall

But do humble men still exist at all?

I look out of my doorway and I see

The brothers and sisters who fight beside me

The sound of your voices, the ancient hymn’s tone

Gives my heart strength. And now I know

Yes I know

I’m not alone

I’m not alone

We’re not alone

Never alone

We’ll carry the stars You’ve given us

Shining forth light

We’ll carry the lives You’ve given us

Into the night

Carrying stars

Carrying stars

Carrying stars

Carrying stars

Copyright © 2022 Aidan Jones All Rights Reserved